Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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Ronald needs security returned to his life.

Ronald needs the comfort of a roof over his head while he grows up.

Ronald needs a safe, comfortable bed.


Ronald needs to grow up in a household that is not permanently darkened by the murder of his uncle.

Ronald needs to know that his friends, near and far, will not abandon him and his family to the dangerous uncertainties of life in rural El Salvador. 

You can help.

David Urias 2012

In an horrific act of brutality that shook the world of Ronald and his family, David Urias, 19, was murdered. Some people - high school kids? neighbors? - we don't know, but some people held David down while someone dropped an enormous rock on his head. David's was left where his mother was sure to find the dismembered corpse of her only son. 

David’s mother, Ronald’s grandmother, Lidia, is disabled by severe arthritis. But she is still active in a local campaign to oppose a gold mining company that wants to dig and flush ore out of the volcanic soil of El Salvador. (Is this why David was killed?)

Ronald with his Grandmother Lidia

The family needs $4,000 to finish the house they are building.

If you can help us raise $3,000, an anonymous friend will contribute the final $1,000.

Please help with what you can. Use the PAYPAL contribution link (ABOVE)

OR send a check to:

David Urias Fund
c/o R Cook
PO Box 411
Hunt Valley, MD 21030

Visit this blog for information and to track the progress of this campaign.


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