Saturday, May 24, 2014

Because (3)

Ronald is holding up his end.

Ronald is doing his best.

Ronald does not intend to live under the losses he has suffered. He wants to move on.

But Ronald is a child and he needs a hand up, just now. Right now.

In 2012, an horrific act of brutality shook the world of Ronald and his family. 

David Urias, Ronald's uncle was murdered. 

David Urias

David was nineteen when he died. David was killed when some people held David down while someone dropped an enormous rock on his head.  

David's family, which is also Ronald's family, is building a new home. They know that Ronald needs a secure place where he can grow up in safety.

Last year, 2013, friends raised enough money for the family to buy materials for the project. This year, construction is stalled until they have enough money in hand for the labor to complete the job.

If you can help us raise $3,000, an anonymous friend will contribute the final $1,000.

Please help with what you can. Use the PAYPAL contribution link (ABOVE)

OR send a check to:

David Urias Fund
c/o R Cook
PO Box 411
Hunt Valley, MD 21030

Visit this blog for information and to track the progress of this campaign.

And thanks.

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